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CDLFC Gaming

Debuting in the 2020 spring, the Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC add an eSports team.

The team started with a competition in the Lower League eCup, an event started to bring lower division soccer teams together during the Covid-19 pandemic. The eCup included representatives from over 100 US lower league clubs representing 10 professional teams, 90+ amateur teams, and 20+ leagues represented. Competitors compete in EA Sports FIFA20 in either Playstation, Xbox, or PC. 

The first member of CDLFC Gaming is Super Mega Ultras member Ryan Sparks. An avid gamer and massive local soccer fan, Ryan has been a CDLFC supporter for several years. Ryan chose to compete in the PC competition, and is one of eight PC competitors. Ryan was the eighth overall entry to the eCup, joining the competition within a day of announcing.

The second member of CDLFC Gaming is Super Mega Ultras member Alex Yersky. A school teacher by day, and a sports gamer by night, Yersky loves playing MLB The Show, FIFA, NHL, and NBA 2K. Yersky is a massive local sports fan, supporting all Cincinnati teams and can be seen regularly with his trademark Ultimate Warrior face paint.

For more information on participating with CDLFC Gaming, contact us.

Lower League eCup

Opponent Date Time Result
Swan City Syndicate (FL) Monday April 6 7:00pm W 7-2
Dutch Guard SG (NY) Monday April 13 7:30pm W 6-2
Union Dubuque FC (IA) Monday April 20 7:30pm W 4-1
Cardinal Collective SG (NC) Monday April 27 7:30pm W 2-1
South Bend Lions FC (IN) Monday May 4 8:00pm L 1-3
Oakland County FC (MI) Monday May 11 7:00pm L 3-4
Metro Louisville FC (KY) Tuesday May 12 8:00pm L 4-6
Metro Louisville FC (KY) Friday May 22 7:30pm L 2-4, L 2-5

Florida Tropics eCup

Opponent Date Time Result
Matt Monday May 18 9:30pm W 7-0
Jack Tuesday May 19 9:00pm W 5-0
Austin Wednesday May 20 9:30pm L 0-2
Group A runner-up Thursday May 21 7:30pm W 4-1
Finalist Friday May 22 6:30pm L 0-7
Opponent Date Time Result
Aretachi Friday July 10 7:00pm
Rain Cloudz Week 2
BYE Week 3
The Happy Club Week 4
Manchester David Week 5
The Dusty Chumps Week 6

@TouchedArtist wins the first-ever PC Division Gamer of the Week for the Lower League eCup! Congrats!

CDLFC Gaming Roster





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CDLFC Gaming v. Dayton Dutch Lions -- 20 May 2020

Subway Cup

  • TouchedArtist v. MattMorris220
  • W 8-0
  • 2019 and 2020 Subway Cup Champions - CDLFC


CDLFC Gaming -- 18-22 May 2020

Florida Tropics eCup

  • Yersky11
  • 3-2-0 record, +6 goal differential, 2nd place


CDLFC Gaming -- Lower League eCup

PC Group Stage

  • TouchedArtist
  • 4-3-0 record, +8 goal differential, 4th place
  • Qualified for semifinals
  • Semifinalist


CDLFC Gaming v. Oakland County FC -- 9 May 2020 

Rocket League (highlights)

  • TouchedArtist, xRockMeAmadeusx, BeaverFCC
  • Soccar: W 2-0
  • Snow Day: W 2-1

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